I am Tarja Rapala-Virtanen, an interconnection technology professional.

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Business Management Consultant

I am Tarja Virtanen, a business management consultant supporting companies’ growth strategies and market leadership with new or improved technological solutions. My area of expertise is the industry of PCB (Printed Circuit Board). In this field my aim is to increase the end product functionality and enable new technological experiences for users.

As a technology professional my specific focus is on interconnection and circuit board technology. Over thirty years of experience in the industry has given me valuable insight specifically on international business development.

My company TaRiYa has been recognized for its technical expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of interconnection technology. My engineering expertise and personal assets provide value for customers through cooperation. 

The sustainable development of electronics is rapidly shaping the field of PCB. As such it is one of the focus areas in my services.

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For businesses of all sizes

I assist all kinds of businesses, whether small, large, or start-up. My goal is to help with system design and implementation, as well as with quick and efficient completion of processes based on the individual wishes and needs of each organisation.

Most of my clientele is abroad, but I also offer my services to businesses operating in Finland.


Interconnection Technology Professional

Throughout my career I have been involved in several projects. They include designing of processes and implementing methods for factories, as well as optimising the productive capacity and quality of a production line process. I am also familiar with the design process and selection of materials and processes for new products.

A list of my customers is provided in the Services section. Read more about my experiences, so we can discuss how I could assist you and your community.



Estonian Electronics EMS Day, 1.12.2022: "EMS Industry Recovering From Crisis"

Last December the Estonian Electronic Industries Association organized their annual seminar focusing again on matters of electronics manufacturing services. This year’s seminar’s title, “EMS Industry Recovering From Crisis”, was revealing as it put a strong emphasis on how the companies have been able to overcome the challenges of component availability.