Speaker Riwan Tamic introducing electronics solutions manufacturer C-MAC's facts and figures.

Estonian Electronics EMS Day, 1.12.2022: "EMS Industry Recovering From Crisis"

Last December the Estonian Electronic Industries Association organized their annual seminar focusing again on matters of electronics manufacturing services. This year’s seminar’s title, “EMS Industry Recovering From Crisis”, was revealing as it put a strong emphasis on how the companies have been able to overcome the challenges of component availability.

Interestingly the seminar brought together international representatives from the electronics industry and government to present electronics manufacturing in Europe. As such the seminar had more attendees than last time in 2021, and everybody was clearly happy to meet face-to-face.

In the seminar many EMS companies’ success stories were at display. A common topic among the presentations was the component crisis. Right from the beginning the concept itself provoked some controversy, as many presentations challenged the very meaning of ‘component crisis', and rather questioned whether it has changed into an ‘inventory challenge’. Furthermore the current component availability was discussed during the distributors' panel discussion.

Additionally the question of judicial matters was touched through The European Chips Act. It presented ways to bolster the supply chain manufacturing in Europe both now and in the future. The question of funding triggered disputes: whether it should be assigned to companies, the EU, or perhaps the nations themselves.

The question of sustainability was also brought out. Especially on the motivation for recycling and how that could support the availability of raw materials.

The Distributors' panel was moderated by Hanno Septer accompanied by panelists Christian Brusdal of Nordics Arrow, Felix Corbett of TTI, and Ronnie Roos of Avret. (Photo: Estonian Electronics Industries Association.)

Banner: Speaker Riwan Tamic introducing electronics solutions manufacturer C-MAC's facts and figures. (Photo: Estonian Electronics Industries Association.)