The expo's audience is looking upward the presentation depicting information about robotics.

Evertiq Expo Tampere 2022, 31.11.2022: Rethinking the Supply Chain Processes

During the recent years we have witnessed severe supply chain challenges affecting numerous companies and industries around the world. The supply chain crisis has increased the workload for most electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and PCB manufacturers.

This was the overarching agenda of Evertiq Expo Tampere 2022, Finland's Biggest Electronics Industry Expo. Despite its alarming undertones, the event attracted enthusiastic people engaging in discussions, presentations, and plain mingling all over the expo area in Tampere Hall.

One of the biggest challenges for EMS and PCB companies is how to make quotations in highly volatile markets. It has affected the whole electronics manufacturing supply chain and required companies to totally rethink their processes. On top of that the market has simultaneously been growing in certain business sectors.

As electronics become increasingly valuable, so does the production time. It seems that this challenge has advanced the digitalization of production engineering as well as quoting and sourcing processes. As the digitalization process is moving forward, it is boosting robotics. It utilises the information collected from the entire manufacturing chain to support the procurement process and delivery forecasts.

Sustainability was also an important topic in both presentations and discussions. Now at the latest it is clear that companies have set emission reduction targets in order to comply with one of the milestones of the EU Commission’s zero emissions plan. It is gratifying to witness the emergence of sustainable development projects at not only company level, but also nationally and internationally.