The PCB industry is constantly changing. On this site I bring up news and analyses about current industry developments. I focus on topical questions stemming from prominent PCB forums, local and global alike.

Tarja Rapala-Virtanen holding a megaphone.
Speaker Riwan Tamic introducing electronics solutions manufacturer C-MAC's facts and figures.

Last December the Estonian Electronic Industries Association organized their annual seminar focusing again on matters of electronics manufacturing services. This year’s seminar’s title, “EMS Industry Recovering From Crisis”, was revealing as it put a strong emphasis on how the companies have been able to overcome the challenges of component availability.

The expo's audience is looking upward the presentation depicting information about robotics.

During the recent years we have witnessed severe supply chain challenges affecting numerous companies and industries around the world. The supply chain crisis has increased the workload for most electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and PCB manufacturers.


The world of PCB bid farewell to summer with the opening of the EIPC Technical Snapshot webinar, which was held on September 14th. The discussions and professional statements yielded insights on developments in two interesting fields: automotive electronics technology and additive manufacturing. Over the course of the day these themes were addressed by three speakers.